Report - York Cruise

A little like Guinness.. good things come to those who wait..and thats exactly what we go with York Cruise. Its been a long time coming since the boys in York got back on the cruise map but when Mallo, Yorkie, Azza and a few of their partners in crime hit us up about a big cruise at York we thought, well.. why the hell not !


Report - Brid Cruise

Last month saw the FNM faithful hit Scarborough Cruise, this month we head out to another seaside resort for yet more fish and chips and some red hot cruise action. 


Report : The Real Wakey Cruise - Action for children meet

Wahey ! Summer is finally here after weeks of overcast dull weather the sun had got his hat on for this meet.

FNM as always back anything charity related and when Sunny from RealWakey hit us up, it was a sure thing that we would roll out for this meet.


Editors Choice : Stephen Brooks' new video

Lets all agree that Mr Brooks has some serious skills when it comes to capturing the best in automotive goodness. Well, here it is, the latest installment from Stephen Brooks films..


Report : Japfest - Santa Pod

Well the credit crunch has finally hit us here at FNM and unfortunately we couldn't get out to Japfest ourselves due to the rising cost of fuel blah blah blah...but fear not, we sent Josh savage along to get us some awesome photos of the event.


NEWS : FNM set to hit HMS


                                        [b]DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN [/b]

Here at FNM HQ we always listen to what our members want.. and for the last 3-4 months we have been nagged to have a stand at HMS 2011.The club have had some issues with the show last year but after a long discussion are happy to give HMS another shot, and after all.. it is for charity and its what our members want.

We wont go into too much details about the disagreement last year but we still had and hope to have amazing support at this show. This is FNM's local show and we believe its a great chance to showcase the club in a positive light.

Report : Yorkshire Motor Show 2011

By 'eck ! its grim oop north..

Thats right, were in Yorkshire for this one and for once it wasn't ' grim oop north ' as the sun was shining right from the word go. YMS (Yorkshire Motor Show) has been a popular show which the FNM faithful have hit for a number of years now with its unique Time trails that happen in the main grassed area outside and the popular indoor top50 all taking place at the Pickering showground. Traders pack the outskirts of the fields and with an added bonus of a carboot sale in the field adjacent to it.


Report : Modified Nationals 2011 ~ Access all areas ~

The big one, the big Kahuna...bigger than jack black's pants!.. thats how we would describe Modified Nationals. It sets the standards in modified car shows in the U.K & with this year being its 5th year at the Peterborough showground its a sure thing that all the best cars from the country would be there and of course , us to !

With an estimated 20,000 people attending nationals over the bank holiday weekend the atmosphere in the week running up to the event was electric, cars being finished off last minute from body shops across the country, campers packing tents and stocking up on booze and food.


Report : Rising Sun 2011

We tried... we really did.(rich) We tried to get a photographer down to cover rising sun 2011 but luckily our member and keen photographer Carl Parkin headed out to cover this for FNM.

The day was pretty chilled out compared to other car shows such as modified nationals etc but with some of the finest metal from the land of the rising sun we knew it was going to be a red hot day .

Editors Choice - FNM meets / May

Just thought we would share the latest FNM video with yourselves. The weekly meets happen every Thursday night at Bergen Way in Hull. They start from 8pm and run until around 11pm with cars from all over Yorkshire attending so with that in mind we sent out video boff Rich out to catch some of the action


Report : Fast Car Cruise Meets Scarborough Cruise !

Tap tap tap... tap tap... usually the sound that echoes around FNM HQ and that being the sound of fingers hitting keys , looking at porn, cars or the biggest time waster of all.. Facebook.

Its something thats invaded all of our lives in the last few years and its made our lives here at FNM HQ a little easier finding fresh news about cruises , the ones to hit and the ones to miss...the movers and the shakers and all that!


Report : JDM Allstars / Teeside

With the bank holiday weekend nearing an end for most we thought we would make the most of it. Niall had invited a few of the FNM faithful through to Teeside to watch a bit of drifting and show some of our cars in the traders section ,Cracking sunny weather & a gap in conventional shows for us so we thought..why the hell not !


Report : Malton Supercar Sunday

Right click, save as desktop wallpaper... Its either a half naked women or some hot exotic super car right ?
Lamborghini , Ferrari , TVR at a push ? well, this event we didn't have to choose. This event had many of every marque of super car and we where lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some of Yorkshires finest.  

Car Feature : Ells Murdered Out Supra

Japanese sports cars, off the top of your head...skyline is usually followed by the words Supra and theres no surprise those two japanese monsters come top of the list. The Supra burst onto the scenes back in 1982 and has been a roaring success ever since.

The Supra has undergone many facelifts and tweaks over its lifetime and the most popular model amongst us modifiers and tuners is the mark IV. 

Report - Modified Live / Oulton Park

Sleep, often we all take it for granted but as 4am rolled around on Saturday morning its the one thing we all wanted more than anything,  but knowing the great show that was in store we soon chirped up after some filthy dubstep and monster!


News - FNM Trip to See Fast & The Furious 5

The fifth instalment of the hugely entertaining Fast and the Furious series is almost with us and of course, being a car related film, a film that will have inspired some of our younger members we are planning a trip to the pictures...


Report - Posty Cruise Kicks Off

Snow, Ice and cars wrapped up all winter.. they seem a million miles away now and a distant memory as we set off for the first Posty Cruise of the 2011 season.

FNM have hit numerous Posty Cruises in the past and with a real summertime vibe going on.. yes in April.. we knew we had to hit this..


Editors Choice - Stephen Brooks Video / Only Air

Come on, how could we not blog this and bring it to you right here at FNM. We've enjoyed Stephens videos now for over a year..bursting onto the scene with some amazing drift videos but now it seems that Stephen ...


News - Captain Rooks To Head Up FCS Stand

Our resident polish car washer Chris Rooks is heading up the FNM stand at FCS this year.
FCS, standing for French Car Show has been on the FNM calendar for a few years now with members having a gay old time! This event is open to ANY french car on the stand, so not just approved cars, any for this one


News : FNM Approved Deadline for Modified Nationals announced

One of the biggest shows of the UK show scene is upon us and FNM have set their deadline for last tickets.


Car Feature : BMW 335 by Jonathan Ray

As some of you know, we are now in partnership with Night-Import. Night-Import are very big in the U.S of A and cover some of the hottest cars with some of the best photographers ( not sure how rich got on there ! - laura )
After speaking to William Lee, the editor for Night-Import he instantly agreed to hook us up with some of the sickest rides from across the pond !

First up is this stunning BMW 335...


Editors Choice - Veilside.. yeah ok..

Not a clue what this guy is waffling on about so probably best to turn the sound off and enjoy a bit of jap soft porn...


Editors Choice - Ouch.. that gotta hurt !

World wide internet sensation Ken block has wowed us all with the gymkhana style videos for many years now racking up millions of views from every corner of the globe and as many of you know is now in the WRC.. fortunately on gymkhana shoots there isn't any big mounds of dirt ...


Editors Choice - Got a spare ten minutes ? mmm sideways action

Not entirely sure were we picked this video up from but we believe the origins are from Sweden. Lets face it the swedish aren't known so well for their motor sports or drifting but theres one thing thats certain.. this video sets the record straight !

Editors Choice - Stephen Brooks does another top video !

Gotta love this, browsing Facebook for general rubbish, as we all do from time to time and this little beauty turns up..


News : FNM are doin' it again - Hulloween Cruise 5

 Fast-N-Modded are officially holding the Hulloween Cruise Part 5 once again. We will be raising money for charity ( charity TBC )

'' the cruise of the year '' - garage awesome
'' more like a show than a cruise '' - max power magazine
'' one of the biggest cruises of the year'' - Auto-Media 


News : Writers & Photographers wanted for the blog

Morning all, looks set to be another bright sunny day and as you know the UK scene is just about to kick off with project cars nearing completion, events galore etc etc


News - Sponsor Launches New Website

Our sponsors Deep Shine Detail have a new website showcasing their top work. Deep shine joined us late last year and look to be very busy this year detailing many of the FNM showcars ...


Editors Choice - It's Been a long time coming.. summer rides !

It's been a long time coming, finally the FNM summer rides 2010 video is done. We had a few issues with getting hold of the footage and then a few computer issues but here it is.. better late than never


Report - Ultimate Dubs 2011

The morning after the day before, writing a blog can sometimes be hard work but after a 5:30am start we where in no fit state last night to write up the blog.. but in truth this has probably helped as it has given us time to reflect on what turned out to be a top day, gleaming paint, dope wheels and everything in between..but for us the day was great but for the reasons you would expect..


News - FNM Cafe Closed This Thursday

This week the FNM Cafe is closed due to staffing absence. Whilst we appreciate that it is disappointing not having food and drink at this weeks meet we will be bringing you the cafe again next week. please don't forget that its the deadline for Modified Live tickets ( approved cars only ) so please see any staffer!


Editors Choice - Projects Galore

Just thought we would highlight the amount of projects currently coming close to completion on the FNM forums. With lots of cars currently undergoing work such as Baz Colbeck's money stamped passat, Stevos Astra, Ells Supra, Rich's S2000 ,Dan's clio to name a few we thought we'd show you a few snaps here on the blog


Preview - Modified Live , The first FNM Show of 2011

Modified Live - FNM Season Opener : Ticket Deadline !

Its that time already, we are collecting for the first major show of the UK tuning show season. Modified Live have been good to FNM in the past and we've always had a hoot at their shows. 

Report : UKCC1 Cruise

Sat Navs..a part of the cruisers essentials, along with a clean car, some fresh tunes , warm jacket and a mcdonald's.. thats pretty much all you need and thats what we set out with to UKCC1. Facebook had played a huge part in this cruise with adverts being posted left right and centre we knew this was one Team FNM had to hit...


Report : Weekly Meet March 3rd

The light nights are on the way, we can almost sense them and as mentioned before, cars are in body shops having fresh paint and bodywork fettled but the fast-n-modded weekly meets are in full swing.


News : Speed limit on motorways to be increased ?

UK In the fast lane ?
The UK Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond, has proposed to increase the speed limit on UK motorways from 70- to 80mph.


Report : Blyton Drift Day

Communities, thats what makes our lovely diverse car culture. Picking up glossy car magazines only scratches the surface of the broad array of '' scenes '' there is to offer a car enthusiast but as a general rule its only the ' show cars ' that make the headlines but not today, a million miles away from the smell of polish, wax and car shampoo we enter the world of drifting. Drifting is more about the go than the show, not saying these cars arn't looked after but they choose function over anything else.


Editors Choice - Ells Supra nearing completion at sponsors Elite Bodyworx

Another top class show car is soon to be unveiled at fast-n-modded sponsors Elite Bodyworx. Ell Hawkes' supra is being fitted up with a mixture of crazy defusers and quality carbon fibre parts that should see it turn heads and enter the elite of fast-n-modded.


Report - Wakey Indoor Cruise

Back Once Again With The Ill Behaviour…

Old Skool cruising, we all love a bit of it and in this part of the world it throws you back to the days of Donny & Ponty cruise meets on cold windy carparks, half naked women, burnouts and some cheesy 90′s euro dance music pumping out of a nova or saxo, of course were not saying thats a bad thing as that shaped a generation of petrolheads eager for a mcdonalds and some action on your local retail park every saturday night.

Editors Choice - Golf From Hell

Here at FNM HQ none of us read German, are German or particularly want to be German.. but saying that, we’d all like to have a ride in one especially this beauty of a Golf..

News : FNM Brothers to hit pages of Fast Car Magazine

Were 2  months in to the new year and Fast-N-Modded have already got 2 features under our belt, 2 in the same day ! These are courtesy of brothers Alex & Andrew. The feature is for Fast Car magazine and is due to hit the pages in the spring, we believe Aprils edition.

Car Feature : Jay Polsons Golf

Jay Polsons VW Golf
Its always hard to start a car feature and saying something original when it comes to opening lines, especially when it comes to Jay Polson's Golf. Jay is no stranger to having features done as he appeared in the best of british edition of Max Power a few years ago with his sleek liquid yellow pug 106.

Car Feature : Lauras Smooth SRI

Enter.. Stage left… Laura’s Corsa SRI

The runabout, the car you don’t mind leaving down that slightly dodgy street..everybody has access to one and the poor thing is often forgotten about , never washed and dumped at the back of a showstand. Well, thats kind of how Laura’s corsa has been for the last few years. Lugging heavy speakers to shows, taking people on nights out and never once seeking the limelight.


Car Feature : Marks 200SX

Marks 200sx

In life they say its the taking part that counts but sometimes... just sometimes... its nice to be first, not second or the fat kid at the back who gets a pat on the back for taking part. Featuring Mark Needhams 200sx is a certain first for fast-n-modded and our partners night-import who are delighted to get a pretty much EXCLUSIVE shoot on this iconic car .