News - FNM Cafe Closed This Thursday

This week the FNM Cafe is closed due to staffing absence. Whilst we appreciate that it is disappointing not having food and drink at this weeks meet we will be bringing you the cafe again next week. please don't forget that its the deadline for Modified Live tickets ( approved cars only ) so please see any staffer!


Editors Choice - Projects Galore

Just thought we would highlight the amount of projects currently coming close to completion on the FNM forums. With lots of cars currently undergoing work such as Baz Colbeck's money stamped passat, Stevos Astra, Ells Supra, Rich's S2000 ,Dan's clio to name a few we thought we'd show you a few snaps here on the blog


Preview - Modified Live , The first FNM Show of 2011

Modified Live - FNM Season Opener : Ticket Deadline !

Its that time already, we are collecting for the first major show of the UK tuning show season. Modified Live have been good to FNM in the past and we've always had a hoot at their shows. 

Report : UKCC1 Cruise

Sat Navs..a part of the cruisers essentials, along with a clean car, some fresh tunes , warm jacket and a mcdonald's.. thats pretty much all you need and thats what we set out with to UKCC1. Facebook had played a huge part in this cruise with adverts being posted left right and centre we knew this was one Team FNM had to hit...