News - Captain Rooks To Head Up FCS Stand

Our resident polish car washer Chris Rooks is heading up the FNM stand at FCS this year.
FCS, standing for French Car Show has been on the FNM calendar for a few years now with members having a gay old time! This event is open to ANY french car on the stand, so not just approved cars, any for this one


News : FNM Approved Deadline for Modified Nationals announced

One of the biggest shows of the UK show scene is upon us and FNM have set their deadline for last tickets.


Car Feature : BMW 335 by Jonathan Ray

As some of you know, we are now in partnership with Night-Import. Night-Import are very big in the U.S of A and cover some of the hottest cars with some of the best photographers ( not sure how rich got on there ! - laura )
After speaking to William Lee, the editor for Night-Import he instantly agreed to hook us up with some of the sickest rides from across the pond !

First up is this stunning BMW 335...