Report : Fast Car Cruise Meets Scarborough Cruise !

Tap tap tap... tap tap... usually the sound that echoes around FNM HQ and that being the sound of fingers hitting keys , looking at porn, cars or the biggest time waster of all.. Facebook.

Its something thats invaded all of our lives in the last few years and its made our lives here at FNM HQ a little easier finding fresh news about cruises , the ones to hit and the ones to miss...the movers and the shakers and all that!

We where invited to ' Fast Car Cruise ' which included the infamous Scarborough Cruise..instantly the thoughts that entered our heads where...will it ? could it ? can it ? really, can it be as good as years gone past? and after chatting to Fast Car Cruise over PM we offered to help them out with a flyer (as our net nerd Rich isn't too shabby with his Crayola crayons : Laura" ) but on a serious note, 30 minutes later a jazzy new flyer was in place and in circulation over forums and Facebook.

Scarborough for fast-n-modded isn't a million miles away and locally has been the mecca for seaside modified goodness for a number of years, we where almost in the mindset that it had seen its hayday and that no cruises would meet the insane attendance it used to get 3,4 years ago but on the day of the cruise, the attendance stood at 400+ cars! 400 cars on Scarborough seafront.. this is surely going to be bonkers...and yes, it was!...

Packed Sea Front..

Hard looking civic

Yorkie's fresh look sax !

Joppo's clean fiesta 

Attention to detail is key on Chris' white sax

Lower than your'e grannies nips?

Something strangely awesome about this french fancy...

BBS & Audi... Perfect match.. 

packing the beach out !

softtop.. sunny day.. roof up ?!

Just Chillin' 

Can you tell what it is yit ?

Shiney Bits... 

yeah.. packing power in a polo !

more dish than pyrex !

stripped and ready for abuse !

its a mini adventure !

used to rip we love em !

clean and classy 

What a line up ...

CSM Designs 200 looking hard

'' sorry, cant stop..mum said i have to be home by 8!''

Mark's Modified Nationals 200 making an appearance...

Morfitts saxo looking swanky!

Rat's the way to do it... 

Just quakers..

Bora fronted golf.. winning!

a glass and a half of engine cover win!

Cheeky S2k..

sunset and rs... 

Clio parked up and posing..

Danny's fresh civic looking tight.. just the rims to go now...

Steves install provided the tunes on the seafront..

Dean's Evo looking like its going to eat me !

Lupo went for a picnic by the sea..

the grumpiest copper in Scarborough... probably !

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Photos : R.McKee. 
Words : R.Mckee 


  1. yeah man! my audi got pictured :D really enjoyed it! will come again next time as well!

  2. vett man when is the next porn show ?