News - Sponsor Launches New Website

Our sponsors Deep Shine Detail have a new website showcasing their top work. Deep shine joined us late last year and look to be very busy this year detailing many of the FNM showcars ...


Editors Choice - It's Been a long time coming.. summer rides !

It's been a long time coming, finally the FNM summer rides 2010 video is done. We had a few issues with getting hold of the footage and then a few computer issues but here it is.. better late than never


Report - Ultimate Dubs 2011

The morning after the day before, writing a blog can sometimes be hard work but after a 5:30am start we where in no fit state last night to write up the blog.. but in truth this has probably helped as it has given us time to reflect on what turned out to be a top day, gleaming paint, dope wheels and everything in between..but for us the day was great but for the reasons you would expect..