Report : Yorkshire Motor Show 2011

By 'eck ! its grim oop north..

Thats right, were in Yorkshire for this one and for once it wasn't ' grim oop north ' as the sun was shining right from the word go. YMS (Yorkshire Motor Show) has been a popular show which the FNM faithful have hit for a number of years now with its unique Time trails that happen in the main grassed area outside and the popular indoor top50 all taking place at the Pickering showground. Traders pack the outskirts of the fields and with an added bonus of a carboot sale in the field adjacent to it.

Team FNM ran 2 convoys for this event, one for the top 50 and the other for the club stand. The top 50 convoy left at 6am to get to the event for 7:15am. After fuelling up on sausage & egg mcmuffins and O.J we hit the A1079 and headed towards York. The trip there was pretty uneventful until we got towards York where we saw many a modified car club parked up in laybys and cafe car parks all ready to hit one of Yorkshire's biggest shows we even managed to pick up Dale & Jamie on our travels with their show stopping Saxo & Golf.

Upon arrival it was same old really with the dusty bumpy track in to the grounds causing one or two issues for a few FNM cars including Rich & Steves cars but some where lucky as they where packing air ride and hydros. Upon getting into the arena many of the cars where in place already and most owners where applying layer upon layer of wax ready for the show to open and the judging to begin & within minutes the  smell of wax, polish and various other cleaners filled the air as FNM joined in...

The show starts at 9am, FNM DJ's Rich & Arron are already spinning the tunes, the sun is shining..the cars are spotless. Ladies and Gents it's YMS 2011 time !

Top 50 Arena

Robbo's freshly pimped RX-7. Another Elite masterclass...
Lauras Corsa.. seen first here !
Jamies awesome golf. 
Rays fresh new look white and green c2
'' got a lot of time for that , a clio rocking rota's, stripped and ready..- rich '' 

We saw this originally at Mod Nats.. and its still doing it for us now

Simon likes all things home made.. home made baking, home made cakes, home made porn.. and even his car !
a new lick of paint certainly helps this colt move from grannys car to track star.
for a second we thought simon had packed some pies into his boot but we realised they are just subs !

nice arse... 
not a car you see too often in the top competitions but this looked the part !
RS looked a bit ' ard so they had to keep it tamed in the corner... 
Adam.. were admiring your car..not your nipples.. 

James Bradleys Fiesta drew in the crowds all day ... 
3000 smurfs died making this interior.. the carpet made from genuine smurf pubes. 
Morfitts Saxo still knows its da bomb

DJ A Zed
Dales Saxo ..smoothed perfection. 

woa there !

Then we had a good look around outside, with some awesome club stands from the likes of Modified Addicts , Street & Track and of course FNM. 
Big respect to this fiesta owner.. we like !
Smooth Operator... 
Dan Clarkes Clio 
Finally after all these years.. a micra we like !
Fabia soaking up the rays.. 
Some Fine Rears.. 
Guess its a turbo then yeah ?
The A-Team on crack ?
Just very very cool... 
Something tells me this Evo is from Doncaster Modified? not sure what tho ;-/
Very tidy Lexus..
Meanwhile in the time trail area...
the writing on the side of the car says it all... 
We spotted this at the Fast Cat Cruise a few months back, still looking amazing !

Paedo bear just has to get in on the action...

a modern day replacement for the saxo ? who knows.. all we know is that this is awesome

Meanwhile back inside DJ's Rich & Arron where mashing the tunes up and we had ...err..

The robot ?

even the stunning Leanne Mason couldn't resist..
TV screens for headlights.. not good for spotting suicidal badgers !

Some cars just ooze class...

Then it started to rain, so we had a quick peak back outside to find most clubs had been washed out but there where still a few hardcore people testing their skills against the clock.. 

You're mum will want it cleaning before you give her it back

Dancing Brian & some of the lovely models.. 

2nd Best Ice - Steve Garry Representing Fast-N-Modded

1st Place Best Ice - Chris Morfitt - Representing Fast-N-Modded 

Danny James - Best Paint - Representing Fast-N-Modded 
2nd Place Interior - Simon Pickering
1st Place Best Interior - James Bradley Representing Fast-N-Modded
Simon scooping another award ! - 2nd place best of show.

1st Place - Car Of The Show - James Bradley Representing Fast-N-Modded 

Best Club Stand - HC

2nd best club stand - FAST-N-MODDED

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