Editors Choice - Veilside.. yeah ok..

Not a clue what this guy is waffling on about so probably best to turn the sound off and enjoy a bit of jap soft porn...


Editors Choice - Ouch.. that gotta hurt !

World wide internet sensation Ken block has wowed us all with the gymkhana style videos for many years now racking up millions of views from every corner of the globe and as many of you know is now in the WRC.. fortunately on gymkhana shoots there isn't any big mounds of dirt ...


Editors Choice - Got a spare ten minutes ? mmm sideways action

Not entirely sure were we picked this video up from but we believe the origins are from Sweden. Lets face it the swedish aren't known so well for their motor sports or drifting but theres one thing thats certain.. this video sets the record straight !

Editors Choice - Stephen Brooks does another top video !

Gotta love this, browsing Facebook for general rubbish, as we all do from time to time and this little beauty turns up..


News : FNM are doin' it again - Hulloween Cruise 5

 Fast-N-Modded are officially holding the Hulloween Cruise Part 5 once again. We will be raising money for charity ( charity TBC )

'' the cruise of the year '' - garage awesome
'' more like a show than a cruise '' - max power magazine
'' one of the biggest cruises of the year'' - Auto-Media 


News : Writers & Photographers wanted for the blog

Morning all, looks set to be another bright sunny day and as you know the UK scene is just about to kick off with project cars nearing completion, events galore etc etc