Report : Weekly Meet March 3rd

The light nights are on the way, we can almost sense them and as mentioned before, cars are in body shops having fresh paint and bodywork fettled but the fast-n-modded weekly meets are in full swing.


News : Speed limit on motorways to be increased ?

UK In the fast lane ?
The UK Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond, has proposed to increase the speed limit on UK motorways from 70- to 80mph.


Report : Blyton Drift Day

Communities, thats what makes our lovely diverse car culture. Picking up glossy car magazines only scratches the surface of the broad array of '' scenes '' there is to offer a car enthusiast but as a general rule its only the ' show cars ' that make the headlines but not today, a million miles away from the smell of polish, wax and car shampoo we enter the world of drifting. Drifting is more about the go than the show, not saying these cars arn't looked after but they choose function over anything else.