Editors Choice - Ells Supra nearing completion at sponsors Elite Bodyworx

Another top class show car is soon to be unveiled at fast-n-modded sponsors Elite Bodyworx. Ell Hawkes' supra is being fitted up with a mixture of crazy defusers and quality carbon fibre parts that should see it turn heads and enter the elite of fast-n-modded.


Report - Wakey Indoor Cruise

Back Once Again With The Ill Behaviour…

Old Skool cruising, we all love a bit of it and in this part of the world it throws you back to the days of Donny & Ponty cruise meets on cold windy carparks, half naked women, burnouts and some cheesy 90′s euro dance music pumping out of a nova or saxo, of course were not saying thats a bad thing as that shaped a generation of petrolheads eager for a mcdonalds and some action on your local retail park every saturday night.

Editors Choice - Golf From Hell

Here at FNM HQ none of us read German, are German or particularly want to be German.. but saying that, we’d all like to have a ride in one especially this beauty of a Golf..

News : FNM Brothers to hit pages of Fast Car Magazine

Were 2  months in to the new year and Fast-N-Modded have already got 2 features under our belt, 2 in the same day ! These are courtesy of brothers Alex & Andrew. The feature is for Fast Car magazine and is due to hit the pages in the spring, we believe Aprils edition.

Car Feature : Jay Polsons Golf

Jay Polsons VW Golf
Its always hard to start a car feature and saying something original when it comes to opening lines, especially when it comes to Jay Polson's Golf. Jay is no stranger to having features done as he appeared in the best of british edition of Max Power a few years ago with his sleek liquid yellow pug 106.

Car Feature : Lauras Smooth SRI

Enter.. Stage left… Laura’s Corsa SRI

The runabout, the car you don’t mind leaving down that slightly dodgy street..everybody has access to one and the poor thing is often forgotten about , never washed and dumped at the back of a showstand. Well, thats kind of how Laura’s corsa has been for the last few years. Lugging heavy speakers to shows, taking people on nights out and never once seeking the limelight.


Car Feature : Marks 200SX

Marks 200sx

In life they say its the taking part that counts but sometimes... just sometimes... its nice to be first, not second or the fat kid at the back who gets a pat on the back for taking part. Featuring Mark Needhams 200sx is a certain first for fast-n-modded and our partners night-import who are delighted to get a pretty much EXCLUSIVE shoot on this iconic car .